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Paisley Lady

About Paisley Lady

Textile Artist Theresa Mechem

About Paisley Lady

Born, raised, and based out of Virginia, I have been painting and designing textile patterns over the past five years. Partnered with a textile printing company in North Carolina, I manufacture my lively hand-painted prints on home decor items, accessories and beautiful stationary.

After retiring as a graphic designer, I became inspired to create and print my own designs while experimenting with watercolor painting. In everything I take on, I strive to spread my personal philosophy of peace and the potential that exists within us all to manifest our own ideal life journey. If you look closely at the label on every Paisley Lady item, you’ll find the word “peace” embroidered next to the logo. A message of positivity from me to you.

I love being outside and I spend lots of time in my garden. I have been planting sunflowers and zinnas from seeds. I am also painting sunflowers for stationary and home decor products!

Original Hand Painted Textile Design